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Security Fasteners and Fixings (UK) are committed to an ongoing development policy and we are constantly appraising new and alternative security remedies to satisfy customer needs.
We also offer a full design and consultancy service.

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Security Fasteners and Fixings (UK) have been specialising in unique security screws, special security screws, secure fasteners, security bolts, security nuts, tamper-proof screws, tamper-proof nuts, tamper-proof bolts, and all other tamper-proof security fixings, and security fasteners, in control of everything from the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution for over 15 years, supplying several industries including... manufacturers of high security fencing, pedestrian railings, security grills, parapet, children's playgrounds etc.

In addition to industry standard secure fasteners (shear nuts, saddle bolts, 'T' bolts, Pin Hex screws, Pin Torx screws etc.) We offer a range of unique security fastening products...

Argus - Read more
Non removable, one-way security screw, self-threading or machine security screws.

Fourtress - Read more
Two-way tamper resistant drive, self-threading or machine security screws.

Security Construction Fixings - Read more
Removable and Non-Removable.
Unique tamper resistant recess-special tool required.

Powerdrive - Read more
Two-way tamper proof security screws, self-threading security screws.

Tamper Drive - Read more
Low profile, invisible under-head drive, self-drilling or machine security screws.

ARMA5 Security drive - Read more
Two-Way 5 Lobe and Pin Security Screws.

Mesh-Loc - Read more
Mesh fixing fastener - cartridge tool / self drill screw installed.

Mesh Clips - Read more
Supplied in a galvanised finish or powder coated.

Electrical Security Screws - Read more
Secure electrical switches & sockets against unauthorised access.

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